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Brief manual for CliverBot based applications

CliverBot panel screenshot

CliverBot panel buttons
Button Description
About about box
Help link to the manual
Tools (optional) open custom tools if any
Input open for edition the input file if it is used
Work Dir open folder where work sessions are recorded
Settings open settings dialog
Threads show state of each of work threads
Start/Stop start/stop work session
All settings of the app can be edited directly in <app name>.exe.config file by modifying values of the respective variables there. Also Setting dialog allows editing the mostly needed settings of the app.
Each session contains the data produced after each click on Start button. Usually it is general log, log recorded by each thread, cached downloaded web pages, session xml log and output files. Old sessions are automatically deleted along DeleteLogsOlderDays parameter.
Output data
By default, output files, produced during a session, are recorded to <session>/Output folder. Usually they are CSV or TAB files. Value delimiter can be any; specified by OutputFieldSeparator (see <app name>.exe.config file).
Input file
Input file format:
First line of the file should contain field names separated by InputFieldSeparator (see <app name>.exe.config file). Each next line should contain input item values separated by InputFieldSeparator. Number of values in each line should be equal number of field names declared at the first line. Empty lines are ignored. All values are trimmed for spaces.

Sample of input file:
Url, Keyword, stock, spare, stock, spare, stock, spare

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