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framework for creating program conveyers

CliverBot is an open-source framework designed to easily develop .NET or Mono applications that perform certain actions on sequences of similar data. CliverBot orders data in queues and treats them like a conveyer robot.


Initially CliverBot was developed for crawlers that had to process queues of links dependently on their kind. At the same time its architecture design appeared handy for much broader range of tasks e.g developing file processors, site testers, data extractors. So CliverBot was enhanced and abstracted to do custom routines on custom data.

Basic features

  • restarting session from a break point: if a session was not completed due to any reason, the app can restore it from the point where it was broken not repeating the work done before;
  • built-in multithreading: some kind of tasks e.g. crawling can be done much faster if they are performed by many threads. Number of threads is configurable;
  • Mono support: CliverBot application can run on platforms supported by Mono including Windows and Linux;
  • optional and configurable GUI: CliverBot application can run as a windowless process or can use the built-in GUI or a GUI designed particularly;
  • detailed logging:
    - each thread writes its own log;
    - for each session a new log folder is created;
    - old log folders are cleaned up automatically;

How to use

For details and samples refer .NET projects in Examples folder in CliverBot source package.

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CliverBot The latest version. See comments within the code in CliverBot source package.


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