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get an extractor that fetches the data from the web or another source

We deliver web crawlers, search engines and data parsers. This technology is interesting for us. We do not develop malicious software that is intended for spam or infringement of anybody's rights.
Here are most frequent web crawler/data parsing solutions that we deliver:

Web crawler Web crawler is a program that crawls through the web sites and collects the needed information from them. What info they can collect? In one word, any you want - product descriptions, prices, links, addresses, pictures etc. The collected information is then stored in the required database or file. Our crawlers can work with any sites including those that use https, Flash/Flex. See features supported by our crawlers.
Usually Crawler is equipped with a sophisticated parser and/or a data processor that performs the needed actions on the collected data.
Crawler Host Many crawlers can be united to a so-called Crawler Host system that can run up several hundreds crawlers. The collected data is stored in the database which is kept synchronized with target sites so that the user is supplied with actual data.
Usually Crawler Host also have Parser as its part that processes the raw collected data: extracts needed info and saves it into database. Parser uses sophisticated algorithms to detect, recognize and standardize any required information e.g. find human-wrote addresses, phones in text or get symbolic info from image.
Optionally Crawler Host can build automatic reports, graphs basing on the collected information.
Crawler Host solution usually interests merchants or advertisers who need to have a lot of information from the Internet processed and used in a particular way.
Crawler Host is designed to run on a computer with no need of human intrusion. The system administrator has only to specify a schedule for each crawler the rest is done by the system. The administrator can receive Crawler Host notifications by email.
Crawler Host can be deployed on either Linux or Windows.
To get our estimate or proposition as of web crawling or data parsing task, please contact us.

The sites which we developed web crawlers for: 

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