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Fast professional coding. Development of non-typical solutions.

We deliver software solutions in .NET, PHP, Perl, C++, Python. Our work includes writing specification, software development and testing.

Our vision: Fast accurate coding. Development of non-typical solutions. That is what our customers look for and what we like to do.

While we can develop anything, our most frequent projects include:

Data parser/migration tools Regex, regex and one more regex! We perform data parsing tasks of any complexity. Our expertise in this realm was shaped in RegexTreeer - a tool that implements an innovation technology in use of regular expressions. Also see more about our web crawlers.
Search engines/indexers Custom search engines designed for specific format data e.g. pdf, excel, word, html etc.
Backup systems Custom backup systems including server, client applications for different platforms, scheduler, logger.
System development for Windows Anything like NDIS, TDI, LSP, socket programming etc.

See software that we develop.

If you want to hire us or know more about our service, do not hesitate to contact us.

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