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Here is some software we developed. This list contains the projects that required from 10 days up 1 year of development:

NameDescriptionTechnologyCustomer Feedback
RealEstates CrawlerHostA crawler host that manages up 100 crawlers in its pool. It crawls web sites by schedule, parses collected data and records to database in normalized, searchable and indexable form.PHP5.5, MySql
WindowAutomatizerExtracting data from legacy system whose database could not be opened in usual way. Manages a targeted application by sending Windows messages to it and intercepts content of its controls.Windows 7, dll hooks
server-side crawler for gathering statistics on the net daily and admin site to review statistics and manage users and dataPHP5.2, MySQL5
Seo Reports
Online SEO tool. Retrieves statictsics from target sites.PHP5, MySql
Usenet Player
Desaktop app that downloads and plays videos from usenetC#.4, VLC player
SVG file 2 html image map convertor. All click areas in an svg file are respectively translated into an html image map. Our convertor is capable to convert SVG of any complexity!C#.4
Asterisk Monitor
Desktop agent that monitors inbound calls going through asterisk server. As a call comes in, the app searches for caller info in CRM site and displays the found data to the userC#.4
Pdf Mailer
Desktop app that creates pdf files filled wih client data and sends them by eamil or faxC#.4
Web-driven crawler. Retrieves statictsics from google, whois etc.PHP5, MySql
Pdf Indexer
Web-based server. Receives a pdf file, indexes and highlights it along the rules that are specified by the customer. We are owners of QuickPDF royalty-free license so can deliver pdf apps based on this lib without its cost.PDF, ASP.NET3.5, Ajax, html
Google Map
DotNetNuke module shows a google map with highlighted areas of city, buildings, opens an info window with description and thumbnail view, displays street view panoramaGoogle Maps API, javascript, DotNetNuke5
Seo Tool
Collects SEO data from several internet sourcesPHP5.2, adwords, seomoz API
Article Clipper
SEO tool. A crawler + admin site. Searches articles by keywords and indexes them.PHP5, Ajax, MySql
TreeViewVS TreeView control enhanced with multi-selection and more featuresC#.4
Time Study Tool
Excel add-in macro that creates time study report sheets with manageable formatVBA add-in for Excel
Translator Site
Web site where translators can translate content of xml files and save them in real time on the server.ASP.NET3.5 (C#), Ajax
Xml Comparer
Compares 2 xml files and displays differences bteen them.C#.NET2
Html Comparer
Compares 2 html files and produces a merged file displaying differences. Also compares directories with html files and images.C#.NET2
plugins for Piwik
plugins for Piwik.orgPHP5.2, Ajax
Swifty Photo Backup
Client/server backup system. Runs in background and automatically backs up files on the server. Provides file versioning and image edition capability. Autodetection of an attached camera.C#.NET2, Perl5.8, mod_perl
WebGui extensionsPlugins for WebGui (, Ajax
Invoice BackUpParses invoices from the Excel sheets and backups them.C#.NET2
New Link MonitorMonitors RSS feeds for the new links. Perl5.8
Ad CrawlerCrawl sites for advertisements. Multithreaded GUI-driven application.C#.NET2
QuickBooks BotGets the newest data from QuickBook and updates the corporative web site with itC#.NET, quickbook driver
Web spiderPHP5
Building/debugging regex treesC#.NET2, IE API
Cliver Bot
Multithreaded web bot frameworkC#.NET2, HTTP, Socks, IE API, Curl
Broken Link CheckerCrawl site for broken linksPHP4.4
SOAP backup clientFile backup client for SOAPPerl5.8
Url CheckerChecks url list for broken linksC#.NET
SrcIpSpoofer(Ndis)Monitors for certain IP packets and changes their source IP address. Targeted for testing networks.C++, C#.NET, NDIS
Raw Packet Ndis SenderGenerates and sends raw MAC frames. ANY frame/packet field can be changed including source IP, source MAC address etc. Targeted for testing network.NDIS driver + user level gui. Windows 2000/XP/2003
Process PoolSomething like FastCGI in Perl just in C#.NET. Server componentC#.NET2
Parse MailExtracts addresses from emails. Server componentC#.NET
File Via IisFile transfer gateway based on IIS. Middleware.C++.NET, ISAPI filter
File backup systemC#.NET, ftp, encryption
Soft PhoneActiveX SIP phone based on RTC API. It performs port management and can work behind a NAT using UPnP or STUN.VS2003.C++
Http RobotCrawls web sites and indexes their content. Web-based.Perl5.8, PHP4.4 for admin site
File backup systemC#.NET, ftp
Spherical Polygons IntersectionThere are many programs to calculate intersection of several polygons on a plane. But try to find such a solution for sphere: it is not simple. The tool is used for geographic and astronomic needs. C++
DTRAPSecurity software. Intercepts and modifies DHCP packets along commands received from a control server. In this way DHCP clients are moved between the LAN subnets: restricted and authorized. C++, Windows(TDI driver, sockets, NT service), Linux(sockets, ip hooks)
Email ProcessorParse inbound emails and answer to them dependently on their content. For dozoya.comPerl5.8
HTTP traffic modifierTraces and modifies inbound http traffic. Middleware.C++, LSP, sockets
Banner rotation systemBanner rotation server + web adminPHP4.4

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